Cinderella Slavegirl


FILM: Cinderella Slavegirl

This film is split into three parts because of cart store file size limits

PART ONE: Despoiled

PART TWO: Desired

PART THREE: Delivered

Cinderella Slavegirl: Part One Despoiled

Slavegirl Scarlett is owned by a neglectful loser. She is kept chained in the dark, caged and filthy – but that she doesn’t
mind. He treats her with contempt – which could be kinda hot. If only he wasn’t always in such a bad mood, never wanting to
play with her or spank her or tie her up or ANYTHING. Fact is, he’s such a loser he has no real idea of what to do with her.
And the rest of his life isn’t going much better.

Slavegirl Lucy is part of Hywel’s Harem. They live together with a few other slaves that he has recruited from his
business making BDSM porn, a select few slaves who can perform to the highest standards. Truth is though that even this
delightful, sex-charged existence can be a bit dull from time to time. It’s time to find something, or someone, to stir
things up a bit.

Scarlett’s owner is as bad a card player as he is a businessman. He came to Hywel’s house to win big, not to lose everything.
He even bet Scarlett on the turn of the last card. And, inevitably, lost.

There’s something about the look of the red-headed slavegirl in the photo that Scarlett’s master threw down on the table.
Obviously she has an amazing face and figure, but that’s taken as read at the top of the industry. No, there’s something
about the look in her eyes that makes Hywel’s pulse race just waiting to meet her. And throwing an excited redhead into the
mix will surely provide the new spark of inspiration that has been lacking around the house. Excitedly, he informs Lucy
that they will be welcoming a new arrival. It will be her job to welcome Scarlett to the household and prepare her so a trip
to the country mansion – where Scarlett will be tested, trained and evaluated. Will she make the grade and join them as a
collared slave? Or will she fall short and be sold on the auction block?

Even the prospect of her arrival is enough to stir their passions. Obviously, if Lucy is going to help in training
the new girl, her master will have to make sure that her own submissive skills are up to scratch! He sets to to test
Lucy’s sexual submission and masochism. Ropes, floggers, nipple clamps, gags, ice cubes… he puts the beautiful blonde
through her paces to despoil her perfect good looks and grooming. She comes through with grace, delightfully dishevelled –
just as he likes her most!

As Lucy is getting spanked, Scarlett is getting transported. Dragged by the hair to the back of her master’s car, she is
shut in the boot, handcuffed, leg ironed and ring-gagged as he drives her halfway across the country to dump her unceremoniously
at the door of her new owner. He doesn’t even bother to explain, or to say goodbye to his heart-broken submissive slavegirl.
He just rings the doorbell and leaves.

As Lucy opens the door, Scarlett tumbles through at her feet! She’s so confused and hurt by her abandonment, but slave Lucy
is responsible for welcoming new slaves to the household because she is so calm and kind! She leds Scarlett gently upstairs
and explains what her new life will be like. In the shower, she cuts off Scarlett’s filthy rags – their master likes them
naked, or elegantly dressed. She’s going to clean Scarlet up, help her with her makeup, prepare her to meet the master in
person. Scarlett CANNOT WAIT. It has been SO LONG since she got to
serve and play and get spanked and suck cock and come and everything!

In person, Hywel controls himself when he first meets the gaze of her new slave girl. She is literally bouncing up and
down with excitement at the prospect of being his slave, of getting to express and experience everything that the BDSM
world has to offer. Frankly, Hywel’s pulse is racing and he feels like bouncing up and down just like she is. But he’s the
dom, and he has a role to play in this game too – he instinctively realises that she needs a little stand-offishness
from her master. Not the contempt and disinterest of her previous owner, of course. Just a measure of ice to go with
her fire.

He decrees that she will be taken to his country mansion for weeks of training and assessment to see if she makes the
grade. But he already knows that he is NEVER going to let this slavegirl go!

Cinderella Slavegirl Part Two: Desired

Hywel takes his new slavegirl for training at his country mansion. He leads her in from the car; he has decreed that she be
dressed in satin blouse and pencil skirt to begin her training. He has her kneel at his feet as he explains what the next
few weeks will entail: BDSM trials and training! Clearly she has nothing lacking in enthusiasm or in sexual forwardness. But she
hasn’t been out much – her useless last master mostly just kept her in a cage. How will she behave in BDSM high society?

Her first lessons are in Romantic Submission. When she enters the room, how should she disport herself? How should she
approach her master? How can the two of them construct a reality where they are the only two people in a crowded room? There
has to be electricity before they even make eye contact. He locks her in handcuffs and trains her in the finer points of
BDSM presentation. There’s no need for anything as basic as slave position training – she knows all that at more. This is a
masterclass in grace and motion in bondage.

The first lesson done, and it is time for a reward. For a slave like Scarlett, the best reward of all is attention.
And she has been so starved of spanking! He orders her over his knee, skirt and panties off, hands speedcuffed behind her,
for a good firm bottom-warming hand spanking. And her reaction is pure bliss, for both of them! She is SO responsive! Her
bum marks well, but the joyful glow suffusing her face outshines it.

The next day, the lessons move on to nude-in-metal deportment and slavegirl greetings etiquette. Together, they work out
what is going to be the hottest way to have her greet him when he enters the room. Standing on her tiptoes, draping her
Darby-cuffed wrists around his neck and looking him deeply in the eyes? Well, that’s as hot as fuck. Especially as she’ll have
been avoiding eye contact with anyone and everyone else who might happen to be in the room at a party or meeting.
In their world it’s not that slaves keep their eyes lowered to mark their submission. It’s that no-one else deserves the
thrill of eye contact with an owned slavegirl.

More drills- how should she slide to the floor at his feet when he wants to sit down? They work together to fine tune
this for their mutual pleasure – she can show off her soles to him when she does it! That gives him quite the thrill, and she
gets the delight of knowing that she pleases him in every little way she can. It feels so nice to be doing BDSM with someone
who desires her and delights in her – and she in him.

Day two’s reward is a good hard flogging! Scarlett loves sensation play and the kiss of the whip is something she has
been so starved of for so long! She moans and wiggles as the lash kisses her back, her shoulders, her bum, even her bare feet!
Her new master notices that she likes to close her eyes when she is getting flogged, so taking his queue from her he adds
a blindfold so that she can have those sensations without having to keep her eyes screwed shut. A blindfolded flogging of
a dangling tied slavegirl on her tiptoes ensues!

Training is done for the day, but her Master cannot keep his own discipline up much longer – he needs to lay hands on his
new possession. Still blindfolded, he binds her on her knees and starts to run his hands over her naked body. She gasps
and moans, as gratifyingly responsive in this arena as in every other. Nipple clamps and ice cubes elicit deeper, throatier moans.
Then he starts to toy with mixed sensory stimulation- a frozen strawberry is called into play! He teases her tongue with it,
caresses her with it, sends chills down her spine teasing her slender neck with the chill of it before warming her again
with his strong roaming hands….

Cinderella Slavegirl Part Three: Delivered

Master Hywel is training his new acquisition, slavegirl Scarlett, at his country mansion. Will she measure up to his
standards and become one of his permanent slavegirls? Of course she bloody will, he’s not fool enough to let this
treasure out of his grasp. But there’s a game to play and a training process to enjoy, and he’s going to make sure
they both get every moment of pleasure they can from it.

Today’s training begins with bondage. Sometimes she might be required to tie herself up in anticipation of her Master’s
arrival. How are her self-bondage skills? Pretty good, it turns out! She ties herself in a respectable wrists-and-ankles
tie, Western bondage style with lark’s head knots. How about a basic harness? He orders her to strip and display herself on
the platform in the centre of the room while she bonds herself elegantly with the royal blue satin rope. A basic karada –
no problem. But perhaps the horizontal ropes could be a bit tighter?

Sometimes, you just need a pretext to take over tying your slave and go hands on. Hywel takes the opportunity to wrap
his amazing new acquisition in his ropes for the first time. He makes her display herself and parade upon the platform,
naked and barefoot, on tiptoes of course. Then he takes her down and converts it into a legs-crossed hogtie.

Thus far Scarlett has proved to be a dominant’s dream in terms of sexuality, sensitivity and responsiveness. A few
touches of a short cane verify that this is indeed the case. Firm pressure from hands on her body elicit moans like the
world is ending. He can contain himself no longer – it’s time to see how this amazing submissive slavegirl takes to
sexual stimulation. The vibrator goes on, and makes the lightest of contact with the crotch rope, transmitting the low and slow
vibrations through her pussy. Scarlett reacts so strongly she head-butts the platform she is lying on as the sensations
overwhelm her. (Seriously – while we were filming we all kept nearly laughing and spoiling the take at how often Scarlett head-butted the table
as this scene progressed. It’s ADORABLE!)

You just KNOW he’s going to tease and torment her, and edge her repeatedly before he allows her her first orgasm – and
forces her to her second.

There was never any doubt, but the game is sexy as hell to play. Now she’s graduated to ballgowns and again must learn
the proper way to gracefully fall at his feet. She must learn how to wear the collar, to follow around on a chain – and to
endure matters that even she is going to find a considerable challenge. He pushes her right to the edge with gag training.
She can take the solid cock gag easily (and with pleasure!) The inflatable with a tube is a drool-inducing challenge.
But the inflatable cock gag? That is at the very limit of what she can take. She starts to panic as he inflates it, summoning
all her concentration. Gone (for the moment!) is the bouncing “can I suck your cock Sir?” sub. For now she is exerting every ounce of her
willpower to take it for him, to be his good girl. And take it she does.

All that remains is to permanently collar her as his own.