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    Hi All,

    Been having bizarre trouble coming up with a shoot plan for my next couple of shoots.

    Turns out that a few weeks of romantic fulfilment, marriage, honeymoon and happiness create a feeling of euphoria but also appears to have temporarily sated the part of my brain that comes up with mean BDSM ideas. These mean ideas eventually develop into shoot plans- the usual flood has slowed to a trickle this week, so unusually I have a few blank spaces in the shoot plans, rather than having five times as many ideas as I have time to shoot (which is more usually the case!)

    So… if you’ve got an idea or a request you want shot, now might be a good time to post it or email me about it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The shoots are in our house, one with a new model and one with bondage superstar Kobe Lee. So domestic or studio setting a necessity. I’m also likely to be doing the shoots on my own without rigger or second person on crew so any videos had better be straightforward solo girl so I can operate the camera.

    Anyone got any cool ideas they’re keen to see?

    Cheers, Hywel.



    Two quick ideas:

    1. The classic “intruder breaks in and binds damsel with duct tape.” Either a bedroom setting (intruder is a jewel-thief, come to break into the home safe, tapes up damsel-in-lingerie-on-bed before continuing), or in an office setting (intruder is looking for Important Papers, and tapes up secretary-type before continuing).

    2. “Captured & Stripped by a Barbarian Warlord” – model starts in office clothing (and wearing glasses), except that her shoes have been taken. She’s restrained in a dungeon or harem; maybe cuffed to the bondage pole. Every couple of photos, another piece of clothing is removed, until the last dozen photos are of the bound model, naked except for her glasses.

    OK, a third idea:

    3. Model is strapped or taped to a stretcher at some temporary holding point, waiting for the minions of Honest Omar to carry her away. The “temporary holding point” might be the bedroom or office where she was captured, or a warehouse or basement setting.

    And a general thought: Metal restraints & handcuffs are nice, but I think you’re starting to overuse them, and when you don’t use metal restraints, it always seems to be rope. It would be nice to see some bondage that wasn’t the usual metal or rope.


    How about Kobe Lee as a captured spy.

    She wakes up secured in some kind of interrogation machine.Wires running everywhere, flashing lights, ect.

    She is questioned by an artificial sounding voice.

    I know that RE has not done anything with vibrators or bound orgasms in a long time.

    But Kobe does on other sites.

    How about her being “tortured” by orgasm to reveal her secrets.

    If you dont want to use a vibrator she could just pretend.


    I’ve been watching some old horror/monster movies lately.

    I don’t know if it fits into the Hywel one man film crew constraint but,

    How about a naked damsel, bound in a compromising position, left as an offering to a monster.

    You can show her looking around panicking as she hears heavy footsteps and strange noises.


    I came across a bondage story that would make a good video.

    Its about a ritual where a naked woman, coated with oil, is chained to an altar.

    She is aroused, moaning and writhing, begging to be touched.

    But her captors ignore her pleas, instead they dribble more oil on her, increasing her torment.

    The idea is that at the stroke of midnight she is asked to give herself as a slave.


    How about a halloween themed self bondage shoot.

    Imagine a woman placed in a trance by an unseen force.

    Maybe she gets out of bed and walks downstairs to where there is a ring of candles.

    Or maybe the front door of the house opens and and the hypnotised woman enters.

    Either way she stands before the circle and slowly disrobes while staring off into space.

    Nude she steps into the circle and kneels. She sways and rolls her head side to side.

    Chains lower from the ceiling and without thinking she binds herself.

    Once she is completely trapped she snaps out of the trance.



    Another Halloween idea: visitors to a “Haunted House” become part of the attraction.

    – “Mad Doctor” has nude girl bound to table, menaced by sinister-looking gadgets (spinning blades, etc.)

    – “Cannibals” or “Witches” (or something ghoulish, anyway) stir a bubbling cauldron and finger wicked-looking knives while the main course struggles helplessly nearby, maybe gagged with an apple.

    – Girl is spread-eagle on a target with knives stuck all around her.

    – Victim is tied to stake on a pile of wood while an Igor-looking character holds out a torch to passersby and asks for a light.

    – Girl is chained to the wall next to a skeleton, which is also chained to the wall with the rotting remnants of a skirt draped around its hips and a gag between its teeth.

    What would be REALLY spectacular would be a damsel menaced by an animatronic dragon, but that’s probably a bit beyond your budget!



    I especially like two of Bob20’s ideas: self-bondage while in a trance, and the forced orgasm while bound. You could even do one and then the other in the same scene!

    The “oh no, anything but that!” routine, in which the bound submissive pretends that an orgasm is unspeakable torture, is an oldie but goodie. Dunno why it always seems to work so well, but it does. The pretense is not very convincing to start with, and it gets steadily less so as her excitement mounts…

    When doing a forced orgasm, concentrate on her face. That’s where the payoff occurs. A lot of sites seem to think we mainly want to see the vibrator and what it’s doing, but aside from the occasional establishing shot that gets a bit old.



    I would love you to forget all those fancy stories and show us love for the bondage and its beauty.

    Who models not so important – nu ugly girls has made it to RE

    The gear – i love nice collars and gags – tightly fitting – close ups – signs that the wearer loves it

    I suggest a shoot where the new girl explores the unknown but very interesting toys – of cause ending up in them. And show us the action and applying of toys.

    Kobe is always gorgeus – why not a “webcam” session for her lover who happens to be on the other side of the planet – where she whit gag – collars – restraints do her best to drive him wild whit desire knowing it will be a wild day when he returns.

    These are simple and must be straightforward to do even whith no crew.





    Hasler: I agree about avoiding over-complex stories (although we may disagree about what makes a story “over-complex.” I prefer a touch of the exotic and fantastic, while you seem to like a more mundane scenario.)

    But this brings up the matter of “you can’t please everyone.” Or rather that Hywel can’t please everyone. You want gags and collars and closeups. But I’m only moderately enthusiastic about the collars, meh about the gags, and as for the closeups… My preference is for fewer closeups and more shots that take in the entire model.



    I also like the combination of neckties and a halter top dress, either a long gown or a short party dress. Most of the time, when someone uses neckties, they overdo it and you end up with a multicolored tangle. A minimalist approach is more elegant, limiting it to something like three or four neckties and a handkerchief. This makes it seem like a kinky turn to a date: say, back in the hotel room after a pickup in the bar while on a business trip. The girl’s hands are tied behind her back with one tie. She wriggles uneasily, testing her bonds, and her top is dropped. She protests and is gagged with the handkerchief and another tie. She tries to escape and her ankles are tied. The dress slides off as she struggles, and she’s hogtied on the bed with the fourth necktie. The use of ordinary items of clothing and the progression of undress make it seem more plausible and immediate. This would also be simple to set and shoot; all you need is a bedroom, a halter-top dress, four neckties and a handkerchief.

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