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    I know that many contributors to the Forums are themselves photographers or, in other ways, knowledgeable about the stories you tell and lifestyle you portray. I don’t know how true that is of RE members generally. I suspect it is of many who stay for long.

    If people have any knowledge of either photography or the adult, consensual, bondage lifestyle, then I expect they know that the fantasy stories can be a lot tougher than the reality of the accompanying illustrations. For example, a story may refer to a severe flogging but the accompanying photographs show a flogger either of a type I know hardly hurts or used in a way I know impacts the “victim” only very lightly. I know less about video techniques but am sure they exist just the same.

    These days, however, we all have to be aware that UK government and regulators seem intent on assuming the worst of anything produced by a small UK producer. Obviously, large Hollywood studios can continue putting carnage and mayhem on the public screen and everyone assumes it is all makeup or CGI but it appears to be different for hardworking British taxpayers. So I have to be careful.

    Which brings me to my picture, taken at “The Facility” and showing Ariel in the small cage used by Sophia Smith in “the Confinement Cage” (“What’s New?” for 16th December)

    This photo is a fake. “No models were tickled in the making of this non-motion picture” My hand (yes, it’s mine: my wife took the picture on her Canon EOS 70D) didn’t move. Ariel’s scream is an example of her well-known acting ability.

    Hope you enjoy it anyway. 🙂




    I am glad you are keeping your sense of humor during this mess in the UK. I have to admit that, living in the US, I am truly befuddled by what you have going on. I always thought of the US as the home of the uptight! An in general, I’d say society here is a lot less accepting of fetish lifestyles – I think the only thing that has kept censorship at bay here is the US Constitution.

    Oh, and many thanks for the picture of the flexible, and always gorgeous, Ariel!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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