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    Hywel and Ariel,

    Yup, I used to be your nightmare customer: subscribe for a month and download everything in sight, then disappear. Fortunately I have enough business sense to realize fairly quickly that I was likely hurting the very producers I look to for content I’ll enjoy.

    So for a few years, I pretty much used only sites that sell videos or photo sets individually. On one of those sites I came across a few sets featuring Ariel and got reminded of RE, and some of the other sites I used to enjoy. So over the past few months I have gone back and subscribed to a small number of my favorite sites, including RE, one other one that has a lot of Ariel’s work, and a couple of others. I try to pick the longer subscription options if they are available (3 month to annual). In the case of RE, I only saw a monthly option, but I intend to remain a subscriber for a long time.

    Now as part of my daily routine, I get my favorite beverage and bring up the site to see what the daily update is. I also enjoy the “top 10”, there are generally a few sets I had not seen before. I rarely go into the archives so as to not spoil that daily fun!

    Thanks to both of you for creating such beautiful fantasies and such an enjoyable experience at RE.

    I am posting this in part to see if other RE members will chime in with their thoughts on the site…



    Wow, thats more of a social conscience than I’ve ever seen on the internet. Kudos.

    I think my first contact with Hywel (many years ago..) was when I emailed him one day after looking at “next months previews” saying something like “dammit I’ve been trying to leave this fucking site for months, PLEASE stop producing such good work – I wanna join another site but I can’t leave this one”, I think I was serious when I wrote it 😉

    Not my job to say so but welcome! Always good when people stick around and contribute.





    Thank you! We have the kindest, nicest and smartest members!

    Anyone kind enough to pay us money so we can continue to make new photos and videos is very welcome, of course… but it is really amazing to us how nice all the members we’ve met have been in person. Putting stuff on the web can be like broadcasting into the void sometimes, so it is great to hear that people are reading and enjoying what we do as part of their daily routines 🙂

    Cheers, Hywel

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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