Site running “at risk” for next few days

Hi everyone!

The site is running “at risk” over the next few days as we roll out https: everywhere. This will provide better security for you as you view, and is being done as part of fixing the double-login issue as well. You might find some odd behaviour as I roll out the changes and test on live; I’ve done what I can to test on my home system but there’s ALWAYS something that crops up when you get it onto the live site 🙂

We should be done by the weekend if all goes well.

You can test it by accessing the site via
Please let me know if you see any issues. We will be switching to that as the default shortly.

Cheers, Hywel

About Hywel

Particle physicist turned fetish photographer, producer and director. I run and together with my wife, who is variously known as Ariel Anderssen or Amelia Jane Rutherford, depending on whether she's getting tied up or spanked at the time.

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